Thursday, May 21, 2009

Undone - The Sweater Song

This is Such a Pity, Rivers... Say It Ain't So! Only In Dreams would I imagine this was the Perfect Situation for you - The Greatest Man That Ever Lived.  
Maybe when We Were All on Drugs, this may have been something No Other One could wear. Maybe you ate way too many Pork and Beans, and couldn't find any pants that fit. Tell me I'm Dreamin'! Are you that Tired of Sex, that you feel the need to swaddle yourself in leopard print designed to keep you warm (perhaps on Holiday, or In The Garage). You do kind of look like a Butterfly. But please, please Getchoo some real clothes. Otherwise, Why Bother? Keep Fishin' - the fact that you are wearing a Snuggie in public is really taking your pop culture reference obsession to a new and disturbing level. Almost as bad as me writing this entire blog post in nothing but Weezer song titles, but not quite. 

P.S. Thanks to the Fug Girls for the awesome picture 

Thursday, April 30, 2009

This might be excessive

I'm always talking about how I'd like to make some comfy crotch pants. Especially jeans. Why jean makers decided you need a huge fabric seam right all up in your junk? It is not comfortable. Its just not. 
But I stumbled across these on 

I think they went a bit overboard on these comfy crotch pants. You could smuggle a lot in that pouch. Maybe they are specially made diaper pants, so you have extra room for your "Oops  I Crapped My Pants" ? 

P.S. I would like to put a hit out on these pants, only I don't know where this picture originated from. Where in the world wide web do they sell these uglies?! If you can find out... I'll think of some sort of reward.  

Thursday, April 10, 2008

For your viewing pleasure ...

Regretfully, these are no longer available at Topshop. You can however dream about all the wonderful things you could fit in those cinched pockets. Candy, dolla bills, kittens, tots, some of those magician scarf pull things. Or maybe you should leave them empty so when people ask you what they are for, you can let them see that they hold nothing and no, your hips haven't sprouted giant tumors .

Harem is another word for Hammer

We have been suffering from the Gaucho pant trend for a while now. But we saw many a sorostitute roaming campus in the ill fitting, ass hugging, jersey monstrosities. Sure they are comfy. I get it. But why not choose a skirt? More ventilation, more movement, same level of comfort.And just when I thought that the madness was over ... I spotted some Harem pants in the Marc Jacobs Ready to Wear Spring 2007 collection. There are several different designs of harem pants making there debut, that's right multiple harem pants. Feel free to peruse the variety of harem pants in the collection here. But here are some of the stand outs.

But I just chalked it up to Marc being Marc. I didn't expect people to be running out and buying all the Marc Jacobs harem pants. As far as pants go I figured most people wanted something a bit more flattering. Something that didn't eat your legs and make even the skinniest model look fat while wearing them.

And then ... oh the horror ... Topshop has really gone and done it.
The page is titled "Can't Touch This". That's right people, they have proclaimed what we have known all along . Harem pants are really Hammer pants in disguise. Top Shop wants you to believe and I quote "Hareem trousers are the essential wardrobe staple this season". I'm guessing they mean wardrobe staple as in "your go-to easy bathroom access or extra diaper room pants". Every woman needs a pair of those.

Too Legit to Quit

Monday, March 24, 2008


So keeping the Jesus theme going, a youth minister in Houston thinks he found them image of Christ in a Cheeto. (insert Britney joke here) Witty youth groupers have named it Cheesus. It looks like a poodle or a lion. But I don't see Jesus. I see some dirt under one of the person's nail. Gross. You can watch video of the Cheeto and its proud owner here.
Maybe it is one of those Magic eye posters that were big in the 90's and you have to sort of blur your vision and squint to get it.
Oh wait, is it like Jesus sitting sideways and he has one really short leg? I think it is more likely Lt. Dan from Forest Gump.
What do you think it looks like?


like jesus from the tomb

this blog has been resurrected !

after a little winter hiatus we are back ...
more posts to follow

Friday, November 9, 2007

body guard or boob guard ?

Forget about the tights, they don't bother me. What bothers me about this picture is how it looks a lot like LiLo's bodyguard is trying to grab a big handful...
image thanks to WENN